EMAK Precious Metals Refining & Recycling Systems
Waste Liquid Evaporation System

System is produced with the purpose of vaporize the water which is occurred at Neutralization System. Water Vaporization System has two parts, namely: Electric Panel, Main Body.

Water Vaporization System consisting PP fan, electric control board, resistances and storage tank. System outputs are only vape and salts. The system is designed for zero waste mentality.

Type Water Evaporation System
Capacity of Neutralization System 750 Lt
Place of Origin Turkey
Brand Name Emak Refining & Recycling
Power Consumption 20 kWh
Dimensions (L*W*H) 1380*1160*1900 mm
Vaporization Capacity 350 Lt/Day
Engine Type Three-phase, Mono-phase
Weight 200 kg
Certification ISO/CE
Warranty One Year
Material Anticorrosive PP (Polypropylene)

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