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Creating Treasures Beyond Gold

At EMAK Refining & Recycling Systems, we believe in giving meaningful value to your business by elevating it with our world-class machinery and systems for precious metal refining. After all, every customer has a unique story and approach to their business, just like a precious heirloom that carries its distinct character and value. Whether it's gold refining, dore refining, scrap recovery, precious metal recycling, or any other niche within precious metal ventures, we've got your back! We're here to lend a hand, provide guidance, and collaborate with you through it all.

We help you build and run your precious-metal refining business by providing reliable technical assistance. We work closely with you to create solutions that are both durable and advanced, helping you reach new levels of achievement in the gold business.

As a technical partner to numerous clients, we have seen many businesses grow. We understand the importance of celebrating these milestones while ensuring the privacy and secrecy of our client's operations.

Therefore, we strongly adhere to our commitment to discuss and disclose only agreed-upon information, honoring each client's confidentiality while fostering mutual trust and respect.

We pride ourselves on our ability to find creative solutions for precious metals refining and recycling that meet your needs and advance the overall goals of your organization.

Just as every great creation originates from the heart, we, at EMAK, craft each solution and offer every service with dedication and utmost integrity. Our success is not just measured in our advanced systems; it's reflected in your achievements and progress – truly, a treasure beyond gold.


We believe that not only will your business thrive in the future, but that its story of success and perseverance is one we are honored to tell.

Together, let's continue refining this promising future and create treasures that last a lifetime.

For more information or any assistance, feel free to reach out to our team at EMAK Refining & Recycling Systems. We're always eager to hear your story and help set the stage for your success.

Our Goal
  • To provide quality and environment-friendly products and services.
  • To provide systems that reduce the consumption of natural resources.
  • To provide higher benefits for our customers and society.
  • To contribute for better and more efficient tomorrows.

Through ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System to see quality as a must and in this context;

To keep customer satisfaction above all in our work

To follow the technological development closely and to realize the desired service in a reliable, honest and timely manner with the awareness of continuous improvement,

To work with trained personnel by giving importance to the trainings at the planned intervals to improve the career of the personnel working in our organization.

Quality Policy
  • Continuously improve our products and services
  • Add new values to every job we do
  • Increase productivity and competitive power
  • Better working environment and conditions
  • Environmental awareness , complying with laws & regulations.

Through ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management System to minimize the internal and external factors affecting the environmental pollution and in this context ;

To use resources effectively and rationally

To apply recycling technology

Work in accordance with legal requirements and regulations.

To organize training and awareness-raising activities within and outside the company and to support such activities

To ensure continuous development.

We are committed to the above descriptions.

Major Milestones of EMAK


Started to Work!
Started to give Refining Services to local jewelers.


First Gold Recycling System!
First Chemical Jewelry Waste Recycling System with 98% recovery rate.


Starting to Give Services!
Started to give Jewelry Waste Recycling Services to local Jewelers.


First Carat Control Unit!
Introducing of first Carat Control Unit with Potentiometric Titration.


Started to give services for Carat Control and Assaying.


First Titanium Reactors!
Beginning to use Titanium instead of PP in Refining and Recycling Reactors.


Begin to Manufacture!
Over 20 years of Know-How, inventions and innovations we began to market our systems to local market.


Go Global!
Opened to International Market.


In House Refinery!
Opening of A to Z Gold Refinery and Fire Assay Laboratory in house.


Started to work with S. Africa, Singapore and India Distributions.


60 Countries - 200 Systems!
Reached 60 Countries and 200 exported systems world wide.


Moved production facility from Istanbul to Izmir and opened Istanbul Office.


USA Branch!
Established EMAK Branch in Nevada/USA.


Online Installation & Training
Taking all necessary precautions and actions for pandemic world. Perfection in online installation and tranining. New user friendly design.


New Design, New EMAK!
4750 sqm production area, 2 factory buildings, 1 sales office, 3 distributions, exported to 90+ countries and reached over 400 systems worldwide!


30 Tons!
The amount of precious metals refined by EMAK systems worldwide in a single day has reached 30 tons!