EMAK Precious Metals Refining & Recycling Systems

20th centuries one of most important threat is hazardous electronic wastes. Emak specially developed high gain values using physical and chemical method which can Project variable capacities with turn-key facilities.

Our Project Team preparing feasibilities, 3D layout modeling for turn-key E-Waste Recycling plants.

  • Nature friendly
  • Low-Cost operating
  • No loss process Know-How
  • High concentration and efficiency
  • Training and consultancy

Our patented system is working in more than 60 countries.

After mechanical separation, Non-Ferrous Metals fed into the Copper Enrichment System. The metals Lead and Tin are separated here.

Other precious metals like Copper, Gold, Silver and PGM’s casted as bars for selling or anodes for Electrolysis process depending on our customers needs.

The Copper Enrichment System capacities starts from 200Kg/Day to 10.000Kg and above.
EMAK can provide all necessary systems including Environmental Treatments for the system. The Copper Pre-Treatment System can work with Fuel Oil, Natural Gas or Electricity.


After Copper Enrichment System, separated metals like Copper, Gold, Silver and PGM’s can be casted as bars for selling or anodes for Electrolysis process depending on our customers needs.

EMAK can provide systems with a suitable capacity with Copper Enrichment and all necessary systems including fume treatments.


Copper Electrolysis Systems are used for recovering high purity copper and precious metal slime, which comes from the Copper Enrichment and Anode Casting System.

The anodes, which are produced by anode preparation system, are hanged into the Electrolysis cells. After the process, high purity copper is plated on the cathodes.

Automatic rectifiers supply stable and safe electricity for chemical reaction. Also the system needs stable temperature and flow. At this point the heating and circulating systems supply these necessities. EMAK can provide capacities for daily 200kg and above. Depending on customers’ needs.


With this system you can recover your precious metals in-house from your e-waste after proper treatment.

  • Turn-Key Installation
  • Including Training and Know-How
  • Environmental Friendly Operation
  • Easy to Use
  • Build in Sedimentation and Fume Treatment Fast Refining & Recycling Operation
  • Global Warranty and Service
  • Low Energy and Operation Costs

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