EMAK Precious Metals Refining & Recycling Systems
Fire Assay Laboratory

Anyone who is in the trading in Precious Metal Market or Jewellery/Precious Metal Manufacturing should control the carat perfectly. The oldest and most assuring method to determine the purity is the Fire Assay (Cupellation) method. The Cupellation method is still giving greater precision than many methods being developed.

With this system EMAK is sharing his experiences and knowledge with his customers. Thanks to this laboratory our customers will always be sure of the content of the materials/metals before and after processing.

The Assay Analysis Laboratory includes all necassary consumables for performing 2500 analysis except chemicals.

Our Differeces Are;
  • Very Easy to Use
  • Plug and Run
  • Including Cupellation Furnace, Mettler Balance, Pillar Drill, Separation Cabin and Hood, Laminate Miller and all necessary equipment and consumables.
  • Built-In NOx Scrubbing System
  • More than 10 years durability thanks to reliable production quality
  • Including Installation, Training and Know-How
  • Automatic Batch Type Operation
Type FAA-L
Capacity 2500 Analysis Ready
Place of Origin Turkey
Brand Name Emak Refining & Recycling
Gas Scrubbers Internal - 600m3/h 550w Selonoid Fand
Power 4Kw
Dimensions (L*W*H) 150 Cm X 60 Cm X 220 Cm(H)
Weight 300 Kg
Certificates ISO & CE
Warranty One Year Global Warranty

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