EMAK Precious Metals Refining & Recycling Systems
High Capacity Waste Water Treatment Systems (1000 LT and above)

The WWT - 1000 and above capacity systems are designed for medium and big sized plants to neutralize low PH and high metal containing waste liquid.

As a package neutralization consists a PH adjusting unit, coagulation-flocculation tank, preparation unit for chemicals, automatic dosing system, sedimentation tanks and filter press.

While the waste water is treated to dischargable standarts, the sludge is dewatered and eliminated. The chamical and energy usage of the system is completely optimised to its capacity.

  • Automatic PH Control System
  • Optimized Chemical Consumption
  • Durable Magnetic Pump
  • Compact, Portable Design

Capacity 1000 Lt and Above
Material PE
Power 3,5 Kw (for 1000Lt)
Auto Dosing Yes
Tank 3 (Adjustable)
Construction ST37

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